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patrickg. My philosophy is this. Under the Liberals unonis are strong They know their enemy and what they stand for. They are prepared to fight. Under the ALP the unonis are weak. The ALP co-opts their leaders, bans strikes, lies to unonis about what they will do and then appeals to them to vote for them becaue the Liberals are worse. This is called being taken advantage of. You may be prepared to be taken advantage of and used to elect a bunch of careerist sell out ALP MPS but I am not.Yeah. Keep on voting for the ALP because soon they will stand for less than nothing. A person who votes always for the ALP has thrown away their power. If the ALP knew that unonis and workers would punish it for its sell outs and betrayals (think privatisation in QLD) then they may think twicw before they ban the next strike. The ALP are worse than the Liberals because the Liberals are up front with the fact they are no friend of the unonis. The ALP pretend to be and then betray us. Every time. And in my world that is far worse than a Liberal philosophical position which opposes unonis.

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