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Congratulations on your MIT Entrepreneurial Award!!I listened to the NPR ivterniew last Friday and the first image that came to my mind was the scene in Slumdog Millinoire depicting the incredible conditions of public toilets in India.I am so glad that a group of smart people are not only finding a solution to this situation but also, one that makes business sense, because as we know if there is not a solid business case things will not happen.I imagine the project is in the early stages but I wonder if you have consider to roll it in any other places other than Nairobi.Living in Miami, so close to Haiti, and knowing by witnesses recount on the harsh conditions that they are enduring I imagine Haiti would be an ideal candidate to deploy the sanitation units and helping to jump start their wretched economy.Please do let me know if there are any opportunities to collaborate, volunteer,or get involved financially or otherwise in this promising project.

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