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Mary Heintz

That's a tough call, but it sounds like you'll regret it if you don't give it a try. If you have the financial cushion (and it's a big if), perhaps you could give yourself one to two years to give it a go? If it doesn't work out, you go back to freelancing, knowing that you gave it your best. (As an aside, as someone with a regular paycheck, both options sound equally scary to me.)

If you do decide to make it paid content, count me as a subscriber. I'm one person who is aware that content providers do need to get paid somehow. And I'm an enormous fan of podcasts, screencasts and radio in general.

Good luck!

Ashley Milne-Tyte

Mary, thank you so much for your comment. I don't think I would charge for content but I do intend to put a 'donate' button on The Broad Experience website soon, to encourage the show's true fans to give a little something. I'm at the very beginning of working out how to make this pay, and maybe I won't manage it, but I really do want to try. Thanks again.

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