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Mia Lobel

Hi Ashley - I've really enjoyed your past two posts and I think about this stuff all the time. I guess the main thing I keep coming back to, though, is that whatever you call it - podcasting, online audio, radio on demand... it all comes back to the same thing - great content, marketed well, and followed by a loyal audience.

I think the most important thing about audio content of all kinds right now is to give listeners options for how to listen to and find you - on the computer, phone, ipod touch, in their car, on stitcher, itunes - wherever and on whatever device. Everyone has their preferred method of listening and the more options you give people to find you, the bigger your potential audience. Of course this is totally exhausting in terms of getting your content into all these different devices and involves constant tweaking and monitoring.

Ideally, you'll be able to put your show into one public place and people can receive it however they want. Until then, I think you can call your show whatever you want. The bottom line is that people will find you and listen because it's great content and you're a great host, and THAT is what's most important.

XX, Mia


Thanks, for drawing our attention to this, Ashley. As a podcaster, I found the webinar helpful on a lot of levels. The biggest takeaway was the 'on demand audio' nomenclature. As prevalent as the word 'podcasting' is, when I'm making pitches to potential sponsors or even just discussing it with friends, that phrase can help answer the 'What is it?' question.

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