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It never came to my attention until this post, but I have found myself avoiding TED talks recently. I had quite a few assigned to watch during my past year of grad school and I honestly found myself sighing and hurumphing through them. They're simply not as compelling anymore. I don't feel the fire of inspiration like I did when I was first introduced to them. I'm not sure if this means the beginning of the end for TED talks, or just my forthcoming avoidance of them.

Ashley Milne-Tyte

Thanks for your comment. I'm not sure either. Part of me wonders if TED can really keep rolling these out month after month, but the idea of 'ideas worth spreading' has caught on in the culture, so perhaps we will keep being bombarded with these for years to come. There are just too many. Perhaps TED could confine itself to release only the very best talks and no more than one per month? Just an idea.

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