How to Unplug

I haven’t updated the site for a while, but I have been busy. Since the early spring I’ve been working regularly for Marketplace, the public radio business show, as well as producing my podcast, The Broad Experience, teaching, and also producing and hosting a podcast for Convene, the magazine of the meetings and conventions industry. The latest show came out of a...
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Coaching Industry Booms

Listen here. Aired on Marketplace. The coaching industry is thriving. Membership of the International Coach Federation has tripled in the last ten years, and a lot of us can name someone who left their corporate job to become a coach. This piece looks at what’s fueling the demand for coaches, and how coaching has gone mainstream.1

Whole Foods Embraces Tech

Listen here. Aired on Marketplace. Whole Foods had a rough year in 2015. Cheaper rivals piled into the organics space and its sales slowed. There was a pricing scandal that got a lot of bad press. Its stock price fell, and it received plenty of blowback after announcing layoffs in the fall. This piece looks at how Whole Foods is using technology...
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Act First, Ask for Permission Later

Read here. Published on LinkedIn. In my penultimate podcast part of my discussion with author Laura Vanderkam revolved around women’s tendency to ask for permission before they do anything – and men’s tendency to act first, then deal with any consequences later. I wanted to explore this idea a bit more in a blog post, so I wrote one and...
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