Why Star Athletes Go Broke

One of the fun podcast projects I’ve been working on lately is the Morgan Stanley Ideas Podcast. Episode one was about how and why star athletes so often lose their millions. It features former NBA player Antoine Walker, who made a ton of money, lost it all, then began to work his way back up to financial stability with a new attitude to money management. I’d never worked on a story quite like this before. It was fascinating to talk to Walker about his life as a young multi-millionaire, his relationship with his family, and how he thinks about money today.

Episode two focuses on gender diversity at work, and features top Silicon Valley recruiter Jana Rich. She works with companies like Facebook, Google, and Uber. She doesn’t name names in this show, but she has some fascinating stories of just how hard it can be to get big companies to hire women into their senior ranks. And if you’re wondering where that 1940s audio comes from at the top of the show, you can watch the original video here.

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