Speaker and Teacher

I’m an adjunct professor at Columbia Journalism School, where I teach radio storytelling skills. Writing for radio makes all your writing better. It forces you to be clear, concise, and conversational. Lately I’ve been putting those tactics into practice in other venues: I’ve teamed up with my friend and former colleague Jody Sutter of The Sutter Company to teach persuasive writing techniques at advertising and marketing agencies.

Teaching lets you hone your speaking skills. During the last several years I’ve given talks on starting a podcast, women in radio and podcasting, and women in the workplace. I’ve spoken at CUNY Journalism School, the University of Missouri, Kansas City Public Library, Sarah Lawrence College, GoDaddy, and TEDx West Village Women.


Podcasting: How to do it and why it’s important.

Women and work: I’m fascinated by how culture, psychology and sociology affect women’s careers and attitudes to their work and lives. I speak about issues including female confidence (or the lack thereof), unconscious bias, women and negotiation, and more. I’m happy to talk about anything I’ve covered on my podcast, The Broad Experience.

Get in Touch:

Drop me a line at ashley [at] thebroadexperience dot com.